Hi I’m Jess, founder of “Find Your Food”.


Three years ago, I changed what I was eating, I removed controlling sugars and starches and my life changed. I have energy, confidence and not only did I lose 85lbs but I have kept the weight off. I changed my food and it everything changed!

First off, NO pressure! I don’t want you to buy something unless there is a real connection to what we are doing here at FIND YOUR FOOD. I am real person, with a real team of people. We’ve all had our struggles with food. We have all come out of confusion and into coaching and community. We’re like the “girl friend network” that we all turn to when we’re seeking to solve a problem. Walking together has restored our weight, health and confidence. Here at Find Your Food is where YOU find hope and help and the change you have been looking for.

Read about my journey, then and now on my blog - - look at the Success Stories, and start to picture your success story! Should you want one on one coaching or group coaching, a virtual group or a real live meeting, we are real people with real change and live in North Atlanta. Our door is always open at our twice a month meetings.

Come lean against our hope until you can get yours back!

Come lean against our resources and understanding and we'll help you find your food and your way!

Just give me 30 days.